Monday, May 3, 2010

Spring Break

Several families from our ward always go camping at San Onofre during Spring Break. This was our third time, and we definitely experienced the best weather we've ever had there. It was warm enough to get me to try boogie boarding and surfing. Alex also started getting the hang of boogie boarding and looked like a pro surfing a few waves. Benjamin briefly tried the boogie board. We also borrowed a trailer this year so meals and sleeping were a little easier than in a tent. There were a few inconveniences (a migraine, a few little problems with the trailer) but overall it was another fun trip with lots of fun families.


emily said...

pretty much looks like a blast!

rebecca said...

That looks like a really great trip. Seriously, so fun! Good for you on the surfing.

Jealous! I just love camping on the beach.