Friday, May 21, 2010

Conversation with Wesley

Of course he saves his best babbling for when the camera is off, but I managed to get a little bit.

Thursday, May 20, 2010


Most of these are things he has done just in the last hour or so.

C: Mom, can I get a Toyota? (Not sure what made him ask this question).
M: Maybe when you're older.
C: But I am older.
M: You have to be 16 to drive a car.
C: Ooooohhhhh, that's right. (Said like it's a fact he already knew but had forgotten).

"Mom, come here! I don't have diarrhea!"

Before drinking something, he says "Cheers!" and wants to clink glasses.

Sometimes he talks in monotone, like a robot.

A few weeks ago at the DMV we were sitting waiting for our number to be called. A very heavy man was sitting right behind us and Charlie said, "Mom, look at that man. He has big knees."

While waiting in another line at the post office there was a guy with very long hair two people in front of us. Charlie asked, "Mom, is that a guy or a girl?" When I didn't answer (I wasn't sure at first), he just asked again louder and repeated this a few times, each time turning up the volume.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Monday, May 3, 2010

Ben's birthday

On Saturday Ben turned six. Here's how we celebrated. It happened to be Free Comic Book Day so I took Alex and Ben to get a free comic book and maybe find some Star Wars characters. We found a storm trooper, but the boys weren't too excited about it. (I'm not being sarcastic- they just weren't excited for some reason.)

I had planned on taking the older boys out to see a movie, but Benjamin told me he wanted Dad to take him, so Ryan, Alex, and Ben saw How To Tame Your Dragon. I stayed home and made the cake.
He had requested Cap'n Crunch for breakfast and sushi for dinner. So that's what he got.
Later that evening Benjamin opened his presents. He did get excited about his astronaut ice cream and new DS game.

On Sunday we had some family over, but not before a quick nap.

pinewood derby

Last week we participated in our first pinewood derby. Ryan helped make at least seven cars (he offered his assistance to some of the other cub scouts, and invited three neighbor boys to make cars, and had Alex and Ben make cars). Alex made an X-wing Star Fighter and Benjamin chose a patriotic design for his. Alex's car ended up doing pretty well (3rd place), especially since he built it more for looks than for speed.
Some of the cubs' other family members also participated, so it was fun to see what the girls and parents came up with.

The bespectacled cubmaster.

Primary Talent Show

We recently got a little more mileage out of the "science magic" skit. Our ward had a Primary talent show so we dusted off the tricks and put them to use again. I think we had our best elephant's toothpaste yet.
Benjamin was also in a skit with some other boys singing the Beatles "She Loves You Yeah Yeah Yeah" complete with screaming girls storming the stage. Ben was on drums. The pictures really don't do it justice because they were singing and dancing around.
Ryan was the M.C. and he got a few laughs as well. I particularly liked how he was able to reference "Rhythm is a Dancer" by the group "Snap!".
There were a lot of other cute acts like hula hooping, a jump rope routine, juggling while bouncing on a pogo stick, joke telling, even some Michael Jackson dance moves.

Spring Break

Several families from our ward always go camping at San Onofre during Spring Break. This was our third time, and we definitely experienced the best weather we've ever had there. It was warm enough to get me to try boogie boarding and surfing. Alex also started getting the hang of boogie boarding and looked like a pro surfing a few waves. Benjamin briefly tried the boogie board. We also borrowed a trailer this year so meals and sleeping were a little easier than in a tent. There were a few inconveniences (a migraine, a few little problems with the trailer) but overall it was another fun trip with lots of fun families.