Monday, June 13, 2011

The Garden Show

Alex's class put on a little play called The Garden Show. Alex had two parts: a bee and a tabloid reporter looking for aliens.
My favorite part was the singing compost pile.

Memorial Day Weekend

My parents came to visit a few days before Memorial Day. It wasn't the most exciting visit for them, since I was mainly driving the boys to and from school and doctors appointments. But we did manage to be a little patriotic by going to the Reagan Library. When we went a few months ago most of the museum was closed for renovations so we got to see a lot more this time. There was even a NASCAR exhibit so the boys got their pictures taken with the car of their choice.

And yes, here is the cheesy souvenir picture. I'm glad we have it though, because it's the only one I have with all of us together (besides Ryan- he had to work).

Alex earned an award in school for math.

I think we were both a little surprised at the subject.


A few weeks ago Ryan and I went to Vegas for a few days. He had a work conference and invited me. (This is the same conference that we went to three years ago in Puerto Rico. Not so exotic this time.)
While we were there we experienced record low temperatures, but we still enjoyed ourselves. A highlight was going to see Ka. It was our first Cirque du Soleil experience, and it was pretty amazing.
Here we are taking a self photo trying to show off the view from our hotel room (that's the Luxor behind our heads).

We had to kind of scramble to find places for the boys to stay, and some wonderful friends helped us out. Hope we can repay them someday.