Friday, September 21, 2012

Sunday, September 9, 2012

I'm 1/12th

I've ben in this werd plas for what my momy and dady call "On mont". Not tat i know wat tat mens. Mi "brotrs" sem to lik it a lot wen i smil. On ov mi brotrs,i tingk his nam is Wesly, has an obseshon ov insted ov softly pating mi hed,he liks to sqweeze mi arm ore leg. Wel, i just poopt,so se yoo latr.

-Calvin (as translated by Alex)

Thursday, August 16, 2012

First Day of School

Our boys went back to school on August 14th. Alex is in 5th, Ben is in 3rd, and Charlie is in Kindergarten this year. All three at the same school- yay!
The good thing about having a shorter summer break is that going to school still feels pretty routine.

Charlie has afternoon Kindergarten and he wasn't awake yet when the older boys left for the day. Of course Wesley wanted in on the action, too.


(A week and a half before the Birth Day)
He came right on time.  My water broke in the middle of the night early on August 5th, so I knew we would have a baby that day. We got to the hospital around 10 am, they started the pitocin (I wasn't really having contractions) and a few hours later I asked for the epidural. It took about an hour for the anesthesiologist to get to my room, and I was pretty uncomfortable. He rushed through all the explanations, and I was just laying back down after he finished the epidural when I said, "There's a lot of pressure down there. He's coming out right now." And he did. I didn't even push.
Calvin Jacob Haslam was born at 3:23 pm on Sunday, August 5th weighing 6 lbs 14 oz and measuring 20 inches long. He has long arms, the famous Haslam cowlick, and he might be the only one of our boys to have an outie belly button.

Here are some pictures from his first week. I really need to get out my real camera and not take so many pics on my phone.

I always try to get a few shots of skinny newborn legs because they don't last long.

 We watched a lot of the Olympics. Calvin is a fan.

Wesley's head is gigantic.
 Baby burrito.
 He smiles a lot in his sleep . . .

 . . . even when we do this to him:

Help me Obi-wan, you're my only hope.

summer 2012

We packed as much as we could into our eight week break from school. As much as a very pregnant me could handle while also hoping to finish our kitchen remodel before we had a new baby in the house. I think we did pretty well: swimming lessons, hockey lessons, pool and beach days, the annual Haslam waterski trip and rodeo, cub scout camp, a zoo visit, Alex's camping trip with dad, and Ryan's survival of the Tough Mudder.

Here is a sampling of pics from my phone of some of our summer activities. I may go into more detail later on, but I wanted to post some of it now before I forget.

Papa took the boys and me out on the boat one day.

We watched the parade on the 4th from our backyard this year. This was our view from over our back wall.
 The boys wanted to make this layered red, white, and blue drink on the 4th. It almost worked.

The three or four times we made it to the beach were all on cold days, unfortunately.

 The L.A. Zoo. Thank you to our friends who had passes for us to use.

A pretty sunset we saw one night when the whole family went to watch Ryan play hockey. He happened to injure his shoulder that night so that was the end of that.

 The last time we went to the beach (two days before Calvin was born) we stopped to feed the fish at the fish hatchery. 

Alex at Cub Camp and with his den.

Go Kings Go

Summer started off on a good note with the Kings winning the Stanley Cup. I mention it because our family spent many an hour watching hockey games last season. Even Wesley could name some of the players and Charlie was lucky enough to get his jersey autographed by three or four of them one day when Ryan took him to watch a practice. This is Drew Doughty. I think Dustin Brown and Jonathan Quick also signed it.

Ryan was able to go to two playoff games. He even went so far as to fly to New Jersey to watch  game 5 of the finals (he happened to have a free flight and free hotel room). They didn't win there but I'm glad he got to see some of it in person.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Wesley skating

So for the past six months or so Wesley has been skating around in the backyard. It started when the other boys would play hockey and he just wanted to do it, too. When Charlie would take off his skates Wesley would put them on and he figured it out. It was an everyday thing to us, but when people would come over to the house and see it they always seemed kind of amazed and asked if we had video of it. So here it is.

Ryan has been taking the boys to their hockey class, and Wesley always wants to watch. Sometimes he puts on Charlie's ice skates and once even tried skating on the ice. I guess he's pretty good, but I haven't seen it yet.