Thursday, August 16, 2012

summer 2012

We packed as much as we could into our eight week break from school. As much as a very pregnant me could handle while also hoping to finish our kitchen remodel before we had a new baby in the house. I think we did pretty well: swimming lessons, hockey lessons, pool and beach days, the annual Haslam waterski trip and rodeo, cub scout camp, a zoo visit, Alex's camping trip with dad, and Ryan's survival of the Tough Mudder.

Here is a sampling of pics from my phone of some of our summer activities. I may go into more detail later on, but I wanted to post some of it now before I forget.

Papa took the boys and me out on the boat one day.

We watched the parade on the 4th from our backyard this year. This was our view from over our back wall.
 The boys wanted to make this layered red, white, and blue drink on the 4th. It almost worked.

The three or four times we made it to the beach were all on cold days, unfortunately.

 The L.A. Zoo. Thank you to our friends who had passes for us to use.

A pretty sunset we saw one night when the whole family went to watch Ryan play hockey. He happened to injure his shoulder that night so that was the end of that.

 The last time we went to the beach (two days before Calvin was born) we stopped to feed the fish at the fish hatchery. 

Alex at Cub Camp and with his den.

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emily said...

yay you did a lot! looks like a fun time and hopefully it wasn't too miserable being pregnant - maybe it made the time speed by!?