Wednesday, March 21, 2012

odds and ends

Charlie went on a field trip to Albertsons. They start training them young.

This was from October when we went to the Tim Burton exhibit. I got to see Large Marge's eyes in person.

Way back in the fall sometime, this was the first fire of the season.

All of the fourth grade has to participate in a wax museum project at Alex's school. He chose to be Leonardo da Vinci.

Ben got an award at school for reading, and a snazzy medal too.

Charlie had bike day at preschool.

And here's a face from Wesley.

Thursday, March 15, 2012


Due date: August 5th. Everything looks healthy so far. On Christmas Eve I thought I was starting to have a miscarriage (right in the middle of Christmas dinner with Ryan's family), but it was a false alarm.
We found out in mid-March that we just can't break the habit of having all boys. I struggled with that for a few days, not because he is a boy, but because he is most likely our last hurrah and I would have loved the experience of having a daughter and a sister for the other boys. But, we had been warned by my doctor that I would probably have all boys and shouldn't have been surprised.
People keep asking if we have a name yet. We haven't even talked about names. I think our well of boy names is pretty dry. If anyone has any suggestions fire away!