Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Friday, October 23, 2009

baby manual

A friend sent me this link to a "baby manual" a long time ago, and I came across it recently. It made me laugh.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Every time I have a baby, I have to ease my way back into real life. It feels like the whole world changes as soon as I bring a new baby home. This time was no exception, but Mom was here for the first two weeks to help ease the transition. (I highly recommend her, by the way.) The day she came it was over 100 degrees, and the morning I drove her back to the airport one reader board said 47 degrees. So the world did change. But it feels like I have to re-learn simple things. Like all of a sudden I have no idea how to do my hair. I also don't know what to do with Charlie, who now refuses to go to bed and whose favorite phrase is currently "I don't want to!" We expected some regression out of him, so hopefully we can work through it. Luckily he is gentle toward Wesley.

Anyway, while I haven't been up to much besides making sure Wes hits 15 pounds by the time he's two months old, (did you see that story about the baby who was denied health insurance because he was too heavy? That will be us.) the rest of the family has been doing things. Ryan has been keeping the kids busy taking the boys on trail rides, to a rodeo, and a BYU football game in San Diego. He also had a birthday last week.

Ben on a ride, holding a dead tarantula:

On another ride with Ryan:

Alex on his 3 hour moonlight ride:

At the rodeo:

Last week we visited the pumpkin patch. I actually came along, but ended up nursing the baby in the car for most of it. Luckily Ryan took pictures.

I thought this was a pretty good unintentionally sad face.

The BYU tailgate party:

Charlie took a nap under the bleachers:

I made a cake for Ryan's birthday but we didn't get to eat it until two days later. I couldn't find the candles (and I don't think I have 34 of them) so Ryan suggested we just use candy corns.

Here he is blowing out the "candles". Charlie did not approve of this.

That picture also shows how Wesley is starting to lose his hair. But he still has some impressive eyelashes:

Saturday, October 3, 2009

more wesley

The skinniest these legs will ever be. I guess this isn't where he carries his weight:

Two days old:

The two year old and the two day old:

Another loving brother:

Superman pose: (and the picture that will inevitably raise the question, "you put me in a dress?")

I almost got him smiling in his sleep:

The traditional trying-on of the hockey helmet. It never goes well.

Eight days old:

Content with Grandma: