Saturday, October 3, 2009

more wesley

The skinniest these legs will ever be. I guess this isn't where he carries his weight:

Two days old:

The two year old and the two day old:

Another loving brother:

Superman pose: (and the picture that will inevitably raise the question, "you put me in a dress?")

I almost got him smiling in his sleep:

The traditional trying-on of the hockey helmet. It never goes well.

Eight days old:

Content with Grandma:


Bananie said...

Wesley is so adorable. Perhaps when he is a parent, he will fully understand the convenience of the "dress." And yay for Charlie for being a gentle 2 year old. There is hope in this world!

Camille said...

Those are skinny legs!!! LOL!!! But that is the chubbiest newborn face I have ever seen!!! Want to kiss those cute cheeks of his!!!

Dawnell said...

Cute!! All those sweet boys.

Tracie said...

Adorable lil boys!!! Well done, Megan! And HOLY COW that's a big boy for little you to have been cartin' around! I'm glad you got to be spoiled by your mom for a bit too!

denise said...

Congrats! I didn't even know you were prego! Your family is adorable, and it was so good to see your mom with your new baby!