Tuesday, May 17, 2011

mutti's tag

Old-fashioned picture from Ben:

Mother's Day map from Charlie:

Awesome acrostic poem from Alex:

planes, trains, and automobiles

A few weeks ago we took a whirlwind trip up to Sacramento. We saw Uncle Josh, who checked all of our eyes. The boys were all disappointed that they didn't need glasses.
Then we went into downtown Sacramento and visited the train museum. We even rode on a real train, which the boys were excited about. I think they thought it would go a little faster, though.

Then we headed up to Beale Air Force Base to catch the end of the air show. We got there just in time for the Thunderbirds. We brought earplugs, but after a few minutes we decided we didn't really need them. Of course that's when they did a few surprise fly-bys and scared Charlie and Wesley pretty good. They were pretty impressive to watch, though. We missed the B-2 and a few other planes but the Thunderbirds made it worth the drive.

Charlie conked out within five minutes of leaving home.

Wesley keeping himself occupied.

The famous golden spike.
The only picture I got with Josh in it.

Sitting on a C-17.

Meeting with some of the crew for the Thunderbirds.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Ben turned seven on May 1st. He requested a strawberry flavored rocket ship cake. I kind of ran out of room and had to squeeze in the "7". Doesn't get much easier than decorating with m&m's.

His birthday was on a Sunday, but we filled the entire weekend with activites. Friday and Saturday we were in Sacramento (more to come about that adventure), Sunday we had cake and presents, but what Ben really wanted was to go bowling. So we did that Monday.

cub stuff

A few weeks ago we participated in our second pinewood derby. Alex continued with the Star Wars theme. His car was inspired by this:

It didn't end up looking much like it after adjustments were made for weights, but he did a good job doing most of the work on the car himself.

He was also awarded his Bear rank that night. This is him pinning the bear pin on me. Wesley had followed me up to the front and accidentally got stepped on by someone who didn't see him there. Our den leader is trying to calm him down.

peeps battle

Alex read about this in a book and wanted to try it. We stuck toothpicks in two peeps to look like swords, and put them in the microwave. I'm not sure which one was supposed to win. The one that puffed up the biggest? The one that melted first? Well, they ended up gooey and sticky, but I'd rather do this with Peeps than eat them.