Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Ben turned seven on May 1st. He requested a strawberry flavored rocket ship cake. I kind of ran out of room and had to squeeze in the "7". Doesn't get much easier than decorating with m&m's.

His birthday was on a Sunday, but we filled the entire weekend with activites. Friday and Saturday we were in Sacramento (more to come about that adventure), Sunday we had cake and presents, but what Ben really wanted was to go bowling. So we did that Monday.


emily said...

oh i just love the cake. really. i hope i remember it to use it for one of my boys' b-days. they'd love something like it. simple, yet awesome - right. :)

looks like you guys have been having fun. keep it up. :)

Ben and Alissa said...

I love the cake very cute. My favorite part was were you put the candles, cool idea!

Your boys are just so cute!