Saturday, March 19, 2011

Charlie's drawrings

He said that this one kind of looks like Papa:

This one is anatomically correct:

Towsley Canyon hike 3/19/11

Big Bear II

At the end of February we had our second annual weekend at Big Bear. Lots of snow, lots of sledding, lots of food, lots of cousins, lots of wii Dance Dance Revolution. Alex had a pretty gnarly accident on the sled and had some good scrapes on his face for a week or so. He got back on that sled, though, by golly! Wesley was done with the snow after about five minutes. Charlie loved it and stayed outside for hours. Benjamin learned how to use his sled like a professional luger.
Can't wait till next year!

Ben's magic show.

a common sight

Wesley and keys

quick camping trip

Ryan took the boys camping a while ago. I think it was early February. They went to Leo Carillo while Wesley and I stayed home. Wesley isn't quite ready for tent camping, plus it was a chance for me to get some uninterrupted studying time.

Ben caught a live moth in mid-flight.


Parent Trap photo-op

I guess Charlie spent a lot of time biting his sleeping pad.

Ryan taught the boys how to use a compass

They found some military friends on their hike