Monday, May 3, 2010

Ben's birthday

On Saturday Ben turned six. Here's how we celebrated. It happened to be Free Comic Book Day so I took Alex and Ben to get a free comic book and maybe find some Star Wars characters. We found a storm trooper, but the boys weren't too excited about it. (I'm not being sarcastic- they just weren't excited for some reason.)

I had planned on taking the older boys out to see a movie, but Benjamin told me he wanted Dad to take him, so Ryan, Alex, and Ben saw How To Tame Your Dragon. I stayed home and made the cake.
He had requested Cap'n Crunch for breakfast and sushi for dinner. So that's what he got.
Later that evening Benjamin opened his presents. He did get excited about his astronaut ice cream and new DS game.

On Sunday we had some family over, but not before a quick nap.


emily said...

(i just keep commenting on all your new posts b/c i love them)

so GREAT cake - did you have a special pan to cook the soccer ball in? it turned out fantastic!

cap'n crunch and sushi. interesting. . .

looks fun!

rebecca said...

What a great cake! I can't believe how grown up Sam and Tracy's kids look! It's been awhile I guess.

I'm just following Emily around your blog right now. :)

megan said...

Emily, no special pan, just used a pyrex bowl and then drew the design in a light layer of frosting before filling it all in. I was pretty proud of myself.
Rebecca, I know, everybody's growing up. Belle just turned 9.

Camille said...

Can you believe it's been 6 years since we were both pregnant together (you with Ben, me with Chloe)? It doesn't seem that long ago!!!! Happy Birthday to him!!! Great cake!!! You got skills, girl!!!!