Monday, May 3, 2010

Primary Talent Show

We recently got a little more mileage out of the "science magic" skit. Our ward had a Primary talent show so we dusted off the tricks and put them to use again. I think we had our best elephant's toothpaste yet.
Benjamin was also in a skit with some other boys singing the Beatles "She Loves You Yeah Yeah Yeah" complete with screaming girls storming the stage. Ben was on drums. The pictures really don't do it justice because they were singing and dancing around.
Ryan was the M.C. and he got a few laughs as well. I particularly liked how he was able to reference "Rhythm is a Dancer" by the group "Snap!".
There were a lot of other cute acts like hula hooping, a jump rope routine, juggling while bouncing on a pogo stick, joke telling, even some Michael Jackson dance moves.


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The mini-Beatles are adorable! How cute is that!