Wednesday, April 21, 2010


On Easter morning we woke to a maze of string throughout the house. This is a tradition Ryan's family had that he wanted to continue in our family. Each person has to follow the string to find their Easter basket. Charlie wasn't too thrilled with the idea, but as soon as he saw his basket he changed his tune. He changed it so much that he ended up overdosing on Easter candy and threw it all up while we were eating breakfast. The rest of the day was very nice, with the traditional Conference breakfast of orange rolls and lil smokies, watching Conference, and dinner at Ryan's parents'.


Bananie said...

Love that string idea! Too bad the little guys haven't figured out the whole "moderation" thing.
And 'orange rolls & smokies' is a favorite special occasion breakfast in our house, too! Yum!

baercat said...

Look at that peep's eye in young charlies hand. What was the name of that restaurant where the waitress had all those peeps eyes? Sundance grill?

megan said...

I remember it being a waiter, not a waitress, and Sundance sounds right. I know it was near the intersection of Clearwater and Kellogg.