Tuesday, April 6, 2010

First Day of Spring

We celebrated the first day of spring by going on a hike. I can't believe we've lived in this city for seven years and this was my first time at Towsley Canyon. I was missing out. It was so pretty I told Ryan I didn't even feel like I was in Santa Clarita. A few trees can make a big difference.
We hiked as far as the "tar pit" and came back down.
Later that day we watched our Stake Easter Pageant (Ryan had a small part) so it was a nice welcome to Spring and the Easter Season.


emily said...

what beautiful pictures meg! you look so great, too!

what a way to start out your spring. we started it out with a snowstorm. and today? it's 39 degrees out, with a real feel of 28. brrrrr.

so enjoy your beautiful weather and your handsome boys! such a great family.

rebecca said...

Looks like a really pretty hike. What a great way to welcome spring. Love that you and Wes match. :)

Bananie said...

What's this? Heck, I've lived in this valley for 25 years & I haven't been to this Towsley Canyon place. I was feeling pretty "outdoorsy" because I went to the Placerita Nature Center last week. Looks like fun!