Thursday, March 25, 2010

Man of the hour

Today Charlie turns three. If I had to classify each of the boys (and I know I shouldn't really do things like that) I would say Alex is quirky and serious, Benjamin is cheerful and klutzy, and Charlie is bossy and just kind of crazy. A lot of times he'll just talk for the sake of talking and not really say anything. He'll say things like, "Mom, I need you to come here because I did but I didn't and I guess." Last night we had been at Scouts all evening and right after we got home Charlie had an accident (which to his credit is becoming more and more rare.) I was asking him why he didn't go in the bathroom and he said, "Because I was not very awesome." We didn't know he was even aware of the word "awesome". But he provides a lot of awesome moments for us.
I can't post any pictures I've taken in the last week or so because they're all on our main computer which is having problems.

So instead, here's a painting his aunt Amy did for us:

We've done this for each of the boys when they are two or three. Pretty cute, eh?

Because this is kind of a birthday related post I'll also note that Wesley turned six months yesterday. And here's where I'd post a cute picture of him sitting up since that's his newest trick.


emily said...

the man of the hour sounds like a fun/funny man to be around. :) he reminds me a little of jonas with his silly way of talking. love it.

and i LOVE that picture. so fantastic.

p.s. no tips on how to conceive a girl. sorry. :( just luck, i would say. but i like your brood of boys.

Bananie said...

Happy Birthday to the ever-Awesome Charlie!
(Love that painting, too!)