Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Charlie's birthday (again)

Way back on April 5th we finally had a celebration of Charlie's birthday. We watched conference (thank goodness for Conference Bingo), had some family over, and I made what has become the traditional Winnie the Pooh cake for any two-year-old in our family. Charlie enjoyed it but also liked feeding some to Lily. He would open his mouth wide any time he wanted her to take a bite.

He liked playing with his new T-ball set, but it didn't last long because the ball got hit into the neighbor's yard where their brand new puppy was ready to destroy it.

He really did have clothes on for most of the day, I guess I just didn't take any pictures during that time.


emily said...

adorable video.

Bananie said...

SO cute! I love that Pooh cake! That was our big debate this year between Spencer's fav's. Elmo or Pooh. Elmo won this round...but next year...