Friday, April 3, 2009

play ball

Alex and Benjamin are trying baseball and T-ball this year. Ryan is coaching Benjamin's team. They both seem to be enjoying it. The T-ball games are a lot of fun to watch since kids do things like sit down in the middle of the field or dogpile on any ball that they find. I think they are starting to figure it out now. This Saturday will be their first game attempting to bat without a tee.
Alex is making progress as well. The first couple of games were hard for me to watch. Most of the other kids have two or three years of experience and this is his first year. He really didn't understand the game yet and at one point he was still standing out in the outfield staring at the sky when the rest of his team was in the dugout. I asked him what his favorite part of baseball is and he said, "Sitting in the dugout. And running." But his swing is getting a little better and during the last game he had four base hits (!).

Hard core Alex.

Alex playing "pitcher" next to the pitching machine.

His first hit!

Ready to head to second base.

Busy in the outfield.

Benjamin playing "catcher".

Benjamin at bat.

Rounding second.

Back at home.

Ready for action.
Coach Ryan.

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Murphfam said...

those pictures of them playing are so cute!!! Priceless parents moments!