Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Another Sibling Birthday

This time I'm almost a week late, but happy birthday to Heather last Thursday!

Sitting on the floor pre-mission.

Sitting on the floor 14 years later, pre-baby #2.

Um, I really need some more pictures of you. And one of your engagement shot where your face isn't stretched out.
Since you have a one-week-old I'm pretty sure I can say, "I beat you in bed!" And if I was closer I would even get you cold drink of water from the bathroom in a little Dixie cup.


rebecca said...

Happy birthday and CONGRATS on baby #2. That is wonderful news!

Ben said...

i love your nostalgic pictures! and tell your sis happy birthday from me, too. and happy birthday to her new little one, too.

Ben said...

whoops, emily left that comment. i'm too lazy to sign-out then in again. so this is emily, too. duh.