Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Spring Break

Two weeks ago we had Spring Break. Every year a bunch of families from our ward go camping at San Mateo Campground, pretty close to San Diego. We had only been one other time, three years ago, when it rained most of the time and the motorhome we were borrowing kept breaking down. This year the forecast was calling for rain again, and we almost talked ourselves out of going, but we braved it. And the weather was great. I was so convinced that it would rain that I didn't even bring beach supplies, so our kids had to run around on the beach in their skivvies. I'm just sad I didn't take any pictures of the campsite or any of the other families. It was a fun trip and we camped longer than we ever have as a family- 3 nights in a tent!

Charlie was able to squeeze in some batting practice and a little golf while the other kids played in the waves.

I called these Benjamin's Castaway pants.

Ryan even decided to do a little surfing.

We got to try out our new kite.


emily said...

very impressive - 3 nights? and pregnant. super-mama. :)

looks like a lot of fun, too. i can't wait until the weather gets good out here - it snowed last weekend and now it's 70. spring just might be here. . .

Bananie said...

How COOL is your WARD?!!
That beach looks gorgeous, too! I can't believe you made it 3 nights in a tent! Spencer would've been sleeping on my head for sure!