Thursday, August 5, 2010

just a little fire with breakfast

We had an adventure this morning. Here's what Ryan wrote about it:

How a Haslam became a hero on 8/5/2010 at oh-eight-hundred-thirty-two hours:
Whilst I was getting ready for a ho-hum day at work, I noticed what sounded like a jet airliner flying awfully low over our house. It also seemed to linger over our backyard so I went back to investigate. To my surprise I found a massive inferno had lit up in my backyard. The 30-ft tall King palm was now a king-size flaming torch. I could feel the heat from 50 yards away (even though my backyard is only 20 yards wide). The sound was a terrible roar that seemed to mock me as I reached for my desperately impotent garden hose. As I tentatively approached the eternally ascending column of fire, I looked back at my loving wife. She was obviously so worried for my safety that she didn't think to grab the camera to get my heroism on camera. I couldn't worry about that now. There were old, dry trees nearby, a neighbor's dead lawn, and my precious cedar fence that were in immediate danger. They called to me for refuge from the scorching flames- and I was the only one to provide the sweet safety of wintry, wet water. Well, me and the 84 year old grandma next-door neighbor, who apparently has a hose with more water pressure than mine. Still I was able to spill some water on the ashes by the time my hose could reach the fire.
Here is a link to the aftermath video (also shows the 84 year old grandma next door in her nightgown)

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emily said...

wowzers! what a morning. too bad, though, megan that you were so concerned for ryan that you didn't get a picture. bummer. :)