Monday, August 30, 2010

another fire

So, three days after that palm tree burned (which turned out to be caused by a six year old with a lighter) we had another fire a few blocks away. After church I heard helicopters but didn't think much of it until Ryan came home from a meeting and told me to look outside. This one was caused by some teenagers smoking marijuana in a field. We had a great view from our backyard of the helicopters making the drops and were amazed at how accurate they were. A few families in the ward had to evacuate but there was no damage other than some singed backyards.


(When the neighbors cut down the burned palm tree it fell on our fence so part of it had to be replaced- hence the three "orange" boards.)

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Camille said...

It wasn't your 6 year old who started the fire, I hope!!! LOL!!! I don't even remember there being a fire over by your house?! Fire scares me!!! Glad you guys are okay!!