Monday, August 30, 2010

first day of school

Alex and Ben started school on August 12th. Yes, that's way too early. But, judging by the pictures they were excited. We had to start at a new school since ours was closed due to budget cuts. Alex is in 3rd grade and is in a 2-3 split classroom, and Benjamin is in 1st grade in a K-1 split. We'll see how that whole split thing goes. So far they're doing just fine.


rebecca said...

Yay, school!

Last year Kylie was a 2nd grader in a 2/3 combo class and Larkin was a 1st grader in a K/1 combo class. In many ways I think being in a combo class is an advantage over being one of 30 kids in a full grade class.

megan said...

There are some advantages, but I still have a few concerns. Hopefully I'm more worried than I need to be.