Monday, May 11, 2009

Fathers and Sons

Last weekend was the annual Fathers and Sons campout. The boys got dirty, hiked to a waterfall, saw lots of poison oak (but so far no signs of it on them), found out what happens when a glow bracelet explodes inside a tent, and brought home a big stash of candy from the pinata. I had a wonderful weekend of shopping, cleaning (I'm much more productive by myself), and running errands. I even sewed something (!). Maybe this campout should happen more than once a year.

This is how Charlie feels about candy.

Either Ryan is faking or Alex took this when they were sleeping.

Some of the younger sons of the group.


Bananie said...

How fun for all those boys! (And SO fun for you to feel so efficient...and relaxed while the were off having fun.) Happy belated Mother's Day!

rebecca said...

Now there's a good reason to have all boys! A little vacation once a year.