Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Alex's handiwork

Alex did this at school a few months ago and I cracked up when I saw the 9th word he wrote that rhymes with "cat". He told me it says "snat", which I guess is a word he made up, but to me it looks like something else.

One of my goals for the summer is to have him work on his handwriting. It got much worse over the school year for some reason.


rebecca said...

Is that the correct past tense form of the word? I mean if he has spelled it correctly?

Hilarious. Thanks for sharing, Megan. I am still laughing.

Camille said...

Too funny!!!

His hand writing probably gets this way because he is writing too fast. He probably just wants to get it done. Hannah can be the same way sometimes, but when I tell her to go back and write it nicely, she will. When helping out in her classroom, I have noticed it with many of the other students too. Kids!!!

Ben and Alissa said...

That's hilarious! At least it was snat, whatever that is, hehe.

I remember in elementary school they gave out pluses and check pluses and such. In my whole elementary school life I had all pluses except stupid check pluses or even checks (oh the horror) in handwriting! I found a friend's writing in middle school that was so cool and decided to copy it and have had nice handwriting ever since!

Ben's handwriting is often sloppy for the same reason as the previous person said, he just writes too fast and doesn't care.

Kristen said...

Skye has the worst handwriting too, and she's a girl! I think hers got worse this year too...hmmm....we'll be practicing with you this summer :)