Wednesday, January 21, 2009

only 3 weeks late

This was the first year we let everyone stay up til midnight on New Year's Eve. I was surprised that they all stayed awake. Since we've been married I'd say about half the time Ryan and I don't even stay up to celebrate. We're just a bunch of party poopers. A couple of times we've gone to someone's house or something, but other years we just haven't felt the need to make a big deal of it. I think the boys were a little underwhelmed by the ball dropping. But they did like the cream cheese/marshmallow creme fruit dip I made.

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Ben and Alissa said...

I saw your post title and I thought you were "announcing" something! Very cute pictures of the boys all under a blanket. I too was very underwhelmed the first time I saw the ball dropping. It wasn't until a few years ago and I was like "That's it?"