Monday, January 12, 2009

Here is some excitement from Christmas morning. After all their presents were opened, the boys wasted no time hurrying downstairs to assemble their new multi-trick Hot Wheels track.

And here is Alex sledding into a pole.


Camille said...

Oh my!!! I hope Alex was okay!!! Cute and funny, though!!!

emily said...

uh, so was he okay? :)

love the race-track too. it's funny how excited we, the parents, get for our children.

megan said...

Yes, he was fine. The video from Christmas morning actually happened after we went sledding so you can see how much he had recovered. We were laughing at ourselves because we were so excited to get on that hill and on the sleds that we didn't really pay close attention to the obvious obstacles until it was too late. After Alex hit the pole we moved over.