Friday, November 11, 2011

more halloween

Alex's costume was easy. All you need for Calvin is a striped red shirt and some messy hair. We even found a stuffed tiger that looked Hobbes-ish. We tried to spray Alex's hair yellow but it turned out green. This was the day of his school carnival.

Ben wanted to be Superman. Also easy. I don't love store bought costumes but this one looked better and was probably just as cost effective as if I had made it.

Charlie wanted to be a pirate. We already had the costume from when Alex was his age. But, he didn't want any facial hair or accessories. Even easier. Here he is at his preschool Halloween party.

For Wesley I pulled out an owl costume I had made for Ben when he was a baby. It wasn't in great shape but I've learned that whatever the little ones wear will be pulled off and/or stained so I think it was our best option.

The whole gang at the church Trunk or Treat.

We also took another trip to the pumpkin patch with the whole family this time.

And here are the boys with their pumpkin designs. I attempted to carve an owl for Wesley's pumpkin. Ryan helped carve the other three and had the seeds in the oven before I was done carving.

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