Thursday, October 6, 2011

the wedding

The bride and groom. They are very good looking, but you probably can't tell from my blurry pictures.

My sister and one of her boys. That is chocolate milk, by the way.

In this shot: all three brothers, one brother in law, one niece, three nephews, one sister, hugs.

Joel and his pals engrossed in conversation with my nephew.

Joel and his pals laughing at . . .? Josh's backside? One of my kids tripping on the muddy grass? It's a mystery.

My mom.

I don't know what was so amusing about this fountain.

More family standing around.

When I saw a thumbnail of this picture I didn't realize that wasn't Ryan's arm.

The only picture I took at the reception.

As usual I wasn't too stellar at taking pictures, partly because I figured we'd have some of the professional ones with all our family in them. But the photographer's cameras were stolen later that day. Sorry I don't have any of Dad or Shannon or half of Jeremy's family.
Despite the theft (my sister's wallet was also stolen a few days earlier) and the rain (it is Portland, so I think that was kind of expected), it was a lovely wedding.
Now I just need to post the video of my nephew dancing at the reception.


emily said...

i like your pictures, but wow what a bummer to have the prof. camera stolen. so sad. :( but the couple truly looks dashingly beautiful. even if blurry.

vernalstinson said...

Loved this trip except how quickly it was over. Ummm, would that video be my son tearing up the dance floor? I saw the men of your family with some moves, too.

megan said...

I was wishing for more time, too. And yes it's your son. Maybe I'm just used to my family's dancing, so his moves were particularly impressive to me.