Thursday, July 14, 2011

waterski '11

After a brief hiatus last year the waterski trip returned this summer. Ryan's dad fixed up his boat and we headed back to Lake San Antonio once again. Ryan brought the horses up again, too.
Alex and Ben both got up on real skis this year behind the Sea-doo (much easier than being pulled behind the boat). Charlie could only be convinced to stand in the little ski long enough for Ryan to pull him back and forth along the shore. Wesley loved sitting and splashing in the water.

The boat did have a few hiccups, like when it wouldn't start and Ryan, Sam, and Amy had to push it to the dock. And a couple of the cousins were burned on some coals, but mostly it was the same tubing, splashing, swimming, smore-eating, marshmallow-roasting, soda-guzzling, story-telling, fly-swatting, sun-screening, Andy-Gumping, popsicle-eating trip it always is.
We got home late on Wednesday night, and on Thursday morning I managed to cut my foot, pass out twice, and had to get stitches. I'm glad that happened after this trip. I don't think the lake is the best environment for keeping a wound clean and free of infection.

Here are the three heroes pushing the boat. Ryan injured himself doing this.

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