Friday, July 22, 2011

science day 2.0

Remember last year's science day? We did it again a couple of weeks ago.
We repeated a few experiments and added a couple of new ones. Just like last year I wasn't able to take pictures, but a friend took this great one:


emily said...

was that the mentos experiment? whatever it was, looked fun! i so need to do a science day. will you come over and host it for me??? that would be lovely. for me. :)

megan said...

Yep, that's the mentos one. And I would love to come over and host a science day for you! Just fly me over.
Actually, I find all the ideas on I pick all the easy ones.

karenavandyke said...

who doesn't love the diet coke and mentos experiment?! We did it for our "potions" at Damon's Harry Potter birthday party. :)