Friday, February 18, 2011


Charlie recently finished a little tumbling class. I've signed each one of the boys up for this so far when they are three. It's kind of their first experience being in a class and following directions, and it's always interesting to see how they do. Charlie did pretty well listening to the teacher, but he had to warm up to some of his classmates. (One day he told me he didn't like one of them because she had dark skin. Great.) He seemed to be particularly good at bouncing and hopping, and he finally mastered his somersault. When he got his medal on the final day, he gave me the biggest smile I've ever seen from him.

Being a tiger.

Some things he's said/done in the last couple months:

Charlie recently graduated from Nursery into Primary. He had to say goodbye to Sister "Owl" and Sister "Frisbee" (in our last ward it was Sister "Ellie" and Sister "Aber"), and again I was curious to see how he'd do. So far so good. He has had a couple of Sundays when he didn't want to go to his class, but he can usually be persuaded. I don't think he pays much attention to the songs or lessons, but he hasn't been disruptive. The first week in January he was visiting a different ward and came home with a big sign around his neck that said, "Welcome to Primary, Boston!" Boston must have been absent that day.

He went through a phase when his favorite thing to say was, "Mom, it's not a big deal."

He makes up little songs all the time, sometimes with nonsense words and sometimes with real words like "What the heck is going on" or this one to the tune of Old McDonald- "Limpett is a cabaret, He is forty-five".

Once I heard him exclaim from the bathroom, "This is so serious!"

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