Friday, November 12, 2010

Goodbye Sox

We said goodbye to Sox last week. His teeth were getting pretty bad and he was losing weight because he couldn't really eat anymore. I guess that's what happens to a lot of horses when they get old. We went to see him one last time with the kids before the vet came to put him down. Here's what Ryan wrote on facebook:

Had to say goodbye to Sox this week. Born 29 years ago, almost to the day in my Grandpa's barn in Tujunga. Helped build dozens of trails in Tujunga and southern Utah. Tough as nails, Grandpa Haslam always claimed he was half billy goat on those trails. He could handle just about anything you could put in front of him. Sweet enough to let my 2-year old ride him. He'll be tough to replace. No doubt, Grandpa already has put him to work, building trails in paradise!


emily said...

ryan wrote a great memorial. very sweet.

it's always so hard to say "goodbye" to pets. but now that i have kids i always think of it as a good "teaching opportunity." still no fun, though.

megan said...

I think they all handled it well. We were pretty matter of fact about it all, and we've been expecting this for years. We can't believe how long he lasted!

rebecca said...

Oh, so sorry you guys. I know you loved him a lot. I wonder if Sox is the one who tried to kill me? I don't remember. :)

Anonymous said...

No Rebecca, that was Ringo.