Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween 2010

Ever since last Halloween Alex and Ben knew they wanted to be "zombie brothers" this year.

Charlie wanted to be Yoda again- no complaints there from me since we just had to use last year's costume. We even painted his face green before one Halloween party but he didn't like it when he looked in the mirror so we took it off. He did NOT want me to take his picture, either. I put Wesley in a Frankenstein shirt and drew some stitches and a unibrow on his face. He looked pretty good for the first Halloween party (and of course I didn't get any pictures), but we tried again the next week for another party and it just didn't work, as you can see here. Oh well.

Ryan and I went as Bob Ross and a painting. I don't think any wig will ever be as good as that real fro of his, but it was fun to try. Not the most practical costume for me- I couldn't hear anything since my ears were behind the canvas, and I couldn't eat with it on or move through a crowded room very well. I guess that's the price I have to pay.


emily said...

i totally thought i had left a comment?

but i'm super impressed with you and ryan. you guys are always creative. i'll have to ask you next year what you're doing and copy it. :) you guys looked really great! your kids looked pretty great, too. looks like a fun halloween at your home.

Ms. Bananie said...

Okay, love the kiddos of course, but the Bob Ross costume had me laughing so hard I cried. SO hilarious! You made my week!