Sunday, September 19, 2010


We are moving. And it's still one of my least favorite things to do. However, Ryan knows this so he started a month ago and has packed about 99% of all the boxes. He even got the boys to help.

We're just moving across town but will be changing wards, stakes, and eventually schools. I don't like that much change. Especially when we love our current ward and school. I know it will be fine and we'll learn to love our new neighborhood. But I can't help but dread everything that goes along with it: changing phone numbers, learning the layout of a new grocery store, finding the good gas stations and restaurants, worrying about the kids making friends.
I am excited to have a bigger house.
And another perk is that my talented friends make me going away gifts like this necklace with the name of our ward.


emily said...

at least there are some perks. i hate the physical part of moving, but i do like change. sounds like you will have a lot of change, though - but sounds good! so is the move just for a bigger house? and i don't really mean "just."

good luck!

oh, love the necklace.

Ms. Bananie said...

I detest packing, so yay for the Haslam boys for helping lighten the load. I know your new ward will loooove you! Some of my all-time favorite families (that also start with the letter "H") are in that ward.
I've oft fantasized about living in that town again and how I'd make a regular habit of picking up "Vallarta's" tortilla chips & fresh guacamole! Yum!