Friday, September 24, 2010

I'm one.

I'm one.

Some of my favorite things are: Eating bananas, saying "nana" for banana and any other type of food, "Whoa!", "Dada", "uh-oh", "moo", walking (just in the last week or two), taking baths and dunking my face in the water, lifting up toilet seats and trying to play in the water, clapping, energetically waving goodbye, biting mom on the shoulder, playing outside, dancing, playing the piano, and crawling around naked.

I'm not too fond of sleeping more than 3 hours at a time, lying down to have my diaper changed, babysitters, bottles, pacifiers, or wearing shoes. I'm pretty tolerant of the attention I get from my brothers, especially Charlie who has an obsession with touching my head.

I like to coordinate when I have my picture taken. For example, I can make my eye colors match my outfit:

Sometimes, I just want my teeth to match the ones on my shirt:

Pretty talented, eh?


emily said...

talent indeed.

sorry about the biting and not sleeping more than 3-hour chunks. yikes, i couldn't handle that! well i am handling that now, but i couldn't handle it for a year. i hope he gets better!

he sounds like a winner and a keeper, though. he's adorable, too.

happy birthday!

Camille said...

Happy Birthday!!! He is so big?!?! And he doesn't look like any of your other boys either...but he's still a cutie!!!

Ms. Bananie said...

WOW! That went super fast! He is indeed a talented cutie. Good luck in the sleep department!