Saturday, June 19, 2010

My Mother's Day

I haven't bragged about my Mother's Day yet. First of all, the women in my ward always get special treatment on Mother's Day. The men take over all of the callings for the day (organist, chorister, primary and nursery callings), and during the third hour all the Relief Society and Young Women gather together, have a short lesson or talk, and then enjoy fruit and tea cakes from Martino's.
This year the primary children all made little gifts for their moms. They wrote down some things they like about their mom and something they could give their mom. Ben told me he would make breakfast every day for a week (and he was up at 7 am each day setting the table), and Alex offered to make my bed for a week (he only missed a couple of days). Ryan was filling in as primary chorister that Sunday, so he also made a little gift for me. His had a little paper with a picture of someone reading in a lounge chair by a pool. It said, "this is where you'll be in two weeks." Of course I started battering him with questions, but he wouldn't say where it was. I kept saying, "Who is going to watch the kids? Are we going to have to drive very far? Is it somewhere we can even drive to?", but he still wouldn't tell me much. Finally he said, "You don't get it. It's not 'we', it's just you."
He was giving me a night away, by myself. It would be the first full night of sleep for me since Wesley was born.
So, a couple weeks later after finding a good deal on Priceline I checked into a hotel here in town (Ryan pushed for something a little more exotic, but I didn't want to waste any time just driving). It was exactly what I had pictured. I read, I watched TV, I slept, I read some more. So nice. Nice enough to become a yearly tradition maybe?


emily said...

wow, that sounds rather delightful. i'm glad you got the chance - so fun to have alone time, especially when it's not at home so you don't feel the need to clean. :)

reading anything good???

Michelle said...

AWESOME! I am so jealous!

rebecca said...

Best Mother's Day gift ever. Ahhhh. Nice.