Thursday, December 3, 2009

bless your beautiful hide

Sunday was Wesley's blessing day. I was able to squeeze him into the same outfit the other boys wore, even though he's older and bigger than they were.

I think this is the first blessing we've had where we didn't get a group shot outside the church. Oh well.

My parents were able to come. Dad even played my poor neglected guitar a little. Mom made another one of her signature crocheted edged blankets for Wes.

Charlie wore himself out:

I was there, too.


emily said...

he is a darling little boy. and, man, i really love his name.

cute about the talent show - i'm impressed. wish i could have been there, tho, in person!

Bananie said...

He is a very blessed boy indeed! (Oh, that cute little face! I can hardly stand it!)
And thank you for the title of this post. I will now have to go watch "7 Brides" again. That is now my official song of the day.

Dawnell said...

He is a beautiful little boy! What a cute face. He looks just like you.