Wednesday, July 22, 2009

What does a pirate's dog say?


Last weekend we went to "Pirate Days" in Ventura with Ryan's parents. It was definitely piratey. I was just glad to be somewhere where it wasn't 100 degrees or more.
This little group did a skit with swordfighting and such. The one on the right has a parrot on his shoulder.

This one was very Captain Hook-esque.

One pirate was letting people hold his parrots. We were in line for this when the kid in front of us got a peck from one of the parrots, so I didn't think the boys would want to try it, but Alex was brave.
The long-awaited fire eater.


Bananie said...

Yay! I'm so glad you went. I totally wanted to go, but my sister bailed on me & I wasn't in the mood to go by myself. Looks like it was way fun! (Spencer's totally diggin' Captain Hook right now.)

vernalstinson said...

Can I trade Pioneer day for Pirate day? (No offense to those who trudged across country.)

megan said...

Someone reminded me yesterday that today was Pioneer Day. Maybe I should be doing something to celebrate, but I'm not.

Amanda said...

Will you tell me next time it is Pirate Day - We would have loved to go!!