Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The 4th

We had a fun-filled 4th, fraught with friends, family, food, a farm, and finally fireworks.

Ryan got up really early to take Sox on a trail ride, and we met up with him later in Moorpark to crash Mandy and Charlie's ward breakfast.

Then we went out to a farm to pick blueberries.
The tractor ride out to the fields:
Charlie picked one blueberry and put it in the box and said he was all done. After that he would pick berries, squish them, and drop them. I don't think we were there long enough for him to do too much damage.
Kerplink, kerplank, kerplunk:
I need to remember to only let the kids take pictures of me if they are up on a ladder or something.
After lunch we headed home, took some naps, then went to a friend's house for a barbecue. We brought a patriotic jello poke cake with blueberries on top, of course. Later we played a game and were flabbergasted when some of the players had never heard of Mary Lou Retton.
When it got dark we drove to another friend's property up on a hillside to watch the different fireworks around town. Ryan fell asleep while we were waiting for them to start, and Alex kept asking questions about how fireworks work which I couldn't answer. He and Benjamin wanted to know if other things could be added to the fireworks to explode in the air.
"Like what?" I asked.
"Cheese." they replied.


Bananie said...

Your alliteration is astoundingly awesome!
And I'm very glad fireworks don't explode with bonus packs of cheese. Fun stuff!

emily said...

i bet cheese would work.

so did ryan wake up for the fireworks?

Jer said...

Will this help? http://science.howstuffworks.com/fireworks1.htm

One of the founders of Fireworks West (in Logan) said that they started to get more interesting effects when they changed the materials used for the stars (see link, above).

I bet string cheese would be an interesting effect. Audience: Oooh, Ahhhhh, Mmmmm, toasted cheese. Nothing soft like brie or velveeta, please. :(