Sunday, November 16, 2008


Alex has been a little obsessed lately with the Titanic. It is the subject of the last three books he has checked out from the library, and he has built several models of it out of his legos. I finally decided to get a picture of the latest one. He even built little lifeboats for it.

Don't worry, I have no plans for letting him watch the movie Titanic.


Annie said...

Impressive! A lot more interesting to read about...considering my friend's girls are obsessed with checking out books about Dinosaur poop.

megan said...

Dinosaur poop is probably high up on Alex's list, too.

emily said...

yes, miles was very, very into titanic a few months ago. he still loves it. we had a realtor gal over the other week and he told her about it for like 5 minutes. (i found a clip on youtube from the movie and let him watch it - it was probably stupid of me since it was the sinking-scene and perhaps traumatic, but he seems to be doing just fine)

tell alex his lego-rendition is real impressive! love it.