Monday, November 10, 2008

look alike

Ryan is often told that he looks like certain celebrities. Here is a sample.
Ricky Martin:

Jim Carrey: Johnny Knoxville: Josh Duhamel: Bob Hope: Matt Damon: Timothy Olyphant:

Edited to add: He says a lot of guys tell him he looks like Tom Brady.

And I once told him he had the same nose as Tom Hanks (I think he was a little offended):

If I pick him apart I can see some resemblances. Matt Damon's hair and mouth, Timothy Olyphant's eyes, etc. I don't think he looks like Jim Carrey but he can get goofy like him so I think that's what people see there. What do you think?

And now for my list. I've been told I look like:

Mary Lou Retton:

Kristin Davis:

Candace Cameron: Rachel Leigh Cook: A bat:


Annie said...

a BAT?? I must've missed the inside joke. ;^Þ
Matt gets people making the same Celebrity look-a-like comments all the time. (Most frequently Jim Carry because he goofy facial expressions.)
Hmmm...I can definitely see a the "Rachel Leigh Cook," now that you mention it!
That's what you two get for bein' so good lookin'!

megan said...

There's really no inside joke. Someone really did tell me I looked like a bat.

Lee said...

bat.. I was laughing so hard.. Randy had to come see. And we agree with some of the Ryan ones. And you a little but not as much. You are just gorgeous Megan!!! Miss you. And you know the whole ref thing was a joke right? :)

Lee said...

I would say Kristen Davis is definitley my pick for you.

JoElle said...

Yeah, I can see little bits and pieces of resemblance...funny. I was told once that I looked like the fairy in the Dark Crystal.