Thursday, October 16, 2008

thanks for all you've shown us

Tuesday night Ryan was kind enough to escort me to fulfill one of my childhood (okay, teenage) wishes. We went to see Weezer in concert. We were a little self conscious about being too old for something like this, but we saw a few other gray hairs there. Most of them belonged to parents who were chaperoning their kids. I had never had floor tickets to a rock concert before, so I was also a little nervous about mosh pits and crowd surfing (see? I'm old). Ryan urged me to move in as close as we could (we eventually got about 20 or 30 feet from center stage), which I was surprised at since I thought he would be claustrophobic. We were smashed in but weren't quite close enough to be in danger's way. I only saw moshing during one song (a Nirvana cover). Ryan said he saw some in a few other songs, but he's taller so he can see a lot more than I can.
We waited patiently through the opening bands and then Weezer fully lived up to my expectations. It must be the geek in me that connects to their music. They just have a happy vibe, especially compared to the band that came on just before them. Near the end of the show they had a bunch of people come onstage and play whatever instrument they specialized in for a few of their songs. Accordion, cowbell, electric cello, clarinet, whatever. It almost made me wish I had kept up on my clarinet skills from 6th grade.

Can you find us?

(I took these pictures from just giving credit where credit is due)

I told Ryan I'm so glad I married someone who would can enjoy something like this with me. He likes Weezer too, but I was especially glad when they did a Pink Floyd song. Just for Ryan.

This ends a recent trend of concert-going for us. I had decided earlier this year that we needed to take advantage of living near L.A. and go see bands/performances that we might not get a chance to see if we lived somewhere less populated. We crossed a few off our list, and now we need to be more diligent at saving our money. Sigh. It was fun while it lasted. Maybe if Weezer is still going strong in ten years we can take Alex to a concert.

Thank you Joel for introducing me all those years ago. I am forever in your debt.

Here is a Weezer song for those who are unfamiliar:


emily said...

i'm glad you had fun - and that you could enjoy it with ryan, too.

are you planning to leave the l.a. area anytime? just curious. . .

Lee said...

I am so jealous! Weazer is one of my all time faves!!! How fun for you!

rebecca said...

Jealous here too! Love Weezer! And you get credit for "introducing" me to Weezer. I liked a bunch of their songs before we lived together sophomore year, but I didn't know they were Weezer songs until then. Now I'm a big fan. Glad you had fun!

Annie said...

Yay! I found your blog! That Weezer concert looked awesome! (The last concert I went to was Boyz II Men...with my DAD. Oh dear.)
Thanks for the dose of the Muppets, too. Sigh, I miss that show.