Sunday, October 5, 2008

raindrops keep falling on my head

When I was little I think we had a toy radio that played that song. (Am I right, family members?) I always thought the line that goes, "but that doesn't mean my eyes will soon be turning red" was weird.
Yesterday was the first day that felt like autumn. It was cool all day and even rained a little. We had to take advantage of it.

Benjamin said, "Charlie's head is like a drum!" He changed into pants and a jacket soon after this.


Alex wanted to take a picture.I was so excited that it finally felt like Fall that I made pumpkin cookies and hamburger soup. And later that night we had a fire in the fireplace. Maybe we get a little too excited when the temperature is below 80 degrees.


Camille said...

Yes, we got VERY excited for it to be sooo cool!!! I wish it would rain all month!!! Really!!
Yeah, we are so used to it being sooo HOT, that Michelle and I took the kids swimming on Friday, and we were worried it was too cool because it was only 79 degree's!!!

rebecca said...

I love love love that close up of Charlie. What a cute boy! I'm also so excited for fall. Even though it's hot, there's still that fall-y feeling in the air.

JoElle said...

It was such a perfect day! I have been waiting for a day like that for a long time.

Lee said...

Oh how fun! Your kids are just adorable.