Friday, August 29, 2008

you like me! and other news

So, who wouldn't be flattered seeing this sign? I guess if your name isn't Megan you wouldn't be too flattered. In full disclosure I have to say that Alex and Benjamin had just been reading the George and Martha book where George creates a Martha fan club. Also, I don't think Alex quite understands what a fan club is because when I came into his room (he had displayed this sign outside his door), he was sitting up on his bunkbed with a pretend gavel, and he hit his bed with it and said, "Case dismissed!"
Speaking of Alex, he's enjoying first grade. It has taken me a few weeks, but I'm used to him being gone all day now. On the first day I kept panicking thinking I'd forgotten to pick him up. He had a bloody nose on the first day (which he told me about in great detail, including how the blood felt going down his throat), and on the second day he came home and announced that he had discovered his first loose tooth. He has a fun teacher so we're looking forward to this year.
Here's the obligatory fist day of school shot:
Last week Ryan was given some tickets to a Dodger's game, so he took Benjamin. Just thought I'd stick that on here:

Other than that, we've been absorbed in the Olympics. We even got our TV hooked up again just to watch. I have to admit, it is inspiring. And devastating and suspenseful and infuriating and thrilling and all of that. I have a hard time believing Usain Bolt is that good without any chemical assistance, (and I'm not a fan of his attitude), and I can't get over Lolo Jones' disappointment. Of course the gymnastics and swimming are fun to watch, but I still scratch my head as to why some of the other "sports" are included. Some of the announcers get a little annoying, too. But it's fun to be a fan of sports for two weeks out of every four years.


Camille said...

Loved the update, Megan!!! Your family is so cute!! And the Alex stories always make me laugh!! Funny kid!!

JoElle said...

Randy just couldn't live without being able to watch the olympics, so we got cable for the month. Even after they were over, we were still watching them on DVR.

Gina woodhouse said...

Loved checking in on your family. The photos are great. The boys are growing up but you and Ryan still look the same. Lucky you!

Sidenote- yes, Prop 8 went well last week. Maybe a little too well. I feel like I'm being set up for some real challenging encounters in the future. Trying not to think about it, though.