Friday, August 29, 2008

family picture

We had to get a new shot of our family for some business stuff Ryan's doing, so here's how it turned out:I know most are familiar with the struggles of taking a family picture; getting everyone to look at the camera let alone smile being the main one. Our kids were in a very tired, lethargic mood. Benjamin mostly grimaced instead of smile, and his hair kept getting blown all over by the wind, so a little photoshopping will be necessary. But all in all, not too bad.
(See what I mean about their mood):


Camille said... picture taking, what fun!! I think the picture is adorable!! But, we never think our own picture is as cute as others think. If you have been over to my blog, and seen our family picture, you will notice that Tucker is not smiling. He didn't smile for any of the 30 plus pictures we took. All I ask for is that they don't cry, and look at the camera. What we Mommy's resort too!!!!

JoElle said...

You're boys are too cute, even in their "moods".

emily said...

dang you are a beautiful family. i love the picture.

so. . . what is ryan up to now?

rebecca said...

Megan, that one of you holding Charlie is beautiful. He looks a little grumpy :), but you look fabulous!

Family picture taking is so stressful, but you got a good one! All 5 looking in the same direction is success!

Sherry said...

what a great picture of you guys