Tuesday, February 14, 2012


For their class valentines this year we did the photos where it looks like the boys are handing the recipient a lollipop. They were easy and quick, and turned out okay even though I took the pictures in bad lighting and didn't make the boys even comb their hair or put on a red shirt or anything. They must have done the trick because Benjamin later told me he asked three different girls to be his Valentine and they all said yes. I don't know what he thinks it means to ask someone to be his Valentine, but we might have a little romantic on our hands.

Ryan and the boys spoiled me pretty rotten this year. We had our traditional lasagna dinner a few days early so I wasn't really expecting anything on Valentine's Day. They sent me out of the house for a while and when I came back they told me to wait in my room and put on something fancy. When they were ready I came downstairs to a decorated room with streamers and a disco ball, and gifts of flowers, chocolates, green earrings (because green is my favorite color), and a giant heart-shaped cookie. Then we had a dance in our living room. Ryan said the boys did all the planning and he just helped execute it.

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emily said...

oh man, you are such a great family. i'm so showing ben the lovely valentine's dinner and dance your boys rigged up. so love it and its sweetness.

also, i adore the valentines you made. i hope i remember so i can do it for next year - super cute!