Saturday, September 3, 2011

first day of school 2011

School started for the older boys on August 17th. They were both ready and excited to go back. Alex is starting fourth grade and Ben is starting second grade. Alex only got to enjoy his new class and teacher for one day, because by the second day we found out there was an opening at a school closer to us that we have been trying to get the boys into. (It's a long story, it has to do with us moving last year and opening up a huge can of worms.) So I don't have any pictures of his first day at his new school, but he has had a great attitude about it (better than his mom) and it has been a smooth transition. He also gets to ride his bike to and from school which is nice for both of us.

Here they are at school, lining up with their classes. I love how the girl in the pink shirt is ducking out of Alex's way. Ben was excited that two of his good friends from his class last year are in his class this year.

Charlie got to start preschool this year. He has been talking about this for over a year. His first day was a couple of weeks after his brothers', and it was hard for him to wait. He actually ended up missing the first day because he was sick with croup (which has since turned into a double ear infection- poor kid.) He was beyond excited when he finally got to go to preschool. He was ready about two hours ahead of time and kept wanting to get in the car already!

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Dawnell said...

Funny timing, but great you got into the school of choice!