Tuesday, August 30, 2011

end of summer

It really bugs me how short our summers are. Don't the schools here understand that they should do things the way I did them when I was growing up? Summer break should be from around Memorial Day to Labor Day, right? Two months is just not long enough. And I don't agree with starting school in the middle of August when the heat is most likely to be the triple digit kind. Anyway, here are some of the things we were able to squeeze in that didn't get their own posts:

  • Alex did Parks and Rec Basketball. This was the first sport he's been involved in that he specifically asked to do. He even made one basket and the coach's wife got video of it.

And, he saw someone else attempt this shot successfully so he thought he'd give it a try, too:

  • Alex and Ben took a Grossology class one day where they dissected a squid, a sheep's eye, and a frog.
  • We visited the KidSpace Museum in Pasadena for the first time. Fun little place, but crazy on free family night.
  • Cousin sleepovers.
  • Beach and pool days. Thank you to our friends who were generous enough to invite us to their pools and other fun activities!
  • Our Netflix was pretty busy. We watched a lot of Mr. Bean, old Pink Panther cartoons, the old Batman movie from the 60's (that has a shot of the Los Angeles temple when they are flying in their helicopter), and the old Spiderman cartoons from the 60's.
  • Alex and Benjamin started up piano lessons again. We had put them on hiatus when we moved almost a year ago. Now we are hearing a lot of Swans on the Lake and the Wigwam Song.

And here are a couple of pictures that should have been in earlier posts:


Debbie said...

Wow, you fit a lot into 2 months! Looks like a fun summer! Beach days?Jealous! - wish we lived closer! I'm noticing I have a lot of exclamation points in this comment!!! Makes it look like I'm yelling! But I'm not! :)

megan said...

No, YELLING LOOKS LIKE THIS! And our weekly beach visits during the summer are one of the reasons that make me want to stay in California despite its other problems.

Debbie said...

California has problems? Wait...CALIFORNIA HAS PROBLEMS!?
Even so, weekly beach trips sound lovely to me. I take the kids to a beach here in central Iowa. It's a lake beach. I'm pretty sure they must bring in the sand from somewhere else, and we smell like fish when we go home. But, hey it's pretty nice for here :)
And I just want to mention that the word verification for this post is 'tamponss'. For reals.