Friday, April 15, 2011

March 25th . . .

. . . was Charlie's fourth birthday. To celebrate, we went camping at Pt. Mugu.

I think this was Wesley's first time camping since he has been walking. It was a little cold, and as soon as Ryan got a fire going Wesley instinctively knew to hold out his hands to warm them.

We brought our bikes and went for a ride.

We parked the bikes by a stream to throw rocks in the water, and so I could try to push Wesley in.

In the morning Charlie found a little friend in our campsite. (Scroll down for video).

A couple of days later we had some family over for homemade pizza and the pirate cake Charlie had requested. I had done the same cake before on Ben's fourth birthday. The headband is something he made that day in Primary.

I think Charlie is glad to be getting older. He is anxious to go to a real school like his brothers. He is still what I refer to as our feisty child. But he can be very thoughtful, too. Helpful, grumpy, singing, yelling, giggly, intense, charming. He's a mixed bag. But fun to have around.
A few nights ago we were learning D&C 1:38 when I mistakenly said "prophet" instead of "servant". Charlie laughed and said, "Loser!". I wasn't sure I heard him right and asked him to repeat himself. He said, "Mom's a loser cuz she said 'prophet'!" Turns out he learned that word from the movie The Spy Next Door. I should have know not to let my kids watch a movie that has the acting talents of both George Lopez and Billy Ray Cyrus.

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Ms. Bananie said...

Happy B-day, Charlie! I just LOVE that pirate cake!!! It's extrARRRRdinary! (Said in my best pirate voice.) Spencer's been calling us "Loser" as well as other random not so friendly things, then tries to claim he learned them from his Preschool friends. We're just glad no one can understand what he's saying most of the time. ; )